• Ocean View Cabins

    For ocean-view cabins, close to the beach. Slightly more expensive.

  • The Cliff-Edge Ship Cabin #22

    Located on the best position on our eco-village. This cliff-edge cabin enjoys a front-row view of the Indian Ocean and direct access to our private beach. Highly in demand. Available to be booked via Airbnb.

  • Poolside Stone Cabin w/ OceanView #19

    For families or groups. Hang by the pool with an awesome view, easy access to the beach and listen to the sound of the ocean in the evening. Stone floor showers.

  • Honeymoon Stone Cabin w/ OceanView #16

    This poolside limestone cabin has direct ocean views over the three tier pool. It's completely hand-made from limestone, ship wreck timber and alang-alang thatch.

  • The Cliff Edge Garden Cabin #21

    This is our only garden cabin with a direct ocean view. Super easy access to the private beach below and gorgeous ocean views from the balcony, garden or bedroom.

  • Eco-Pond Stone Cabin w/ OceanView #17

    We've built a small oasis pond in the resort, and placed this cabin behind it with an ocean view. The location is slightly further away from the pool and beach. The cabin enjoys great privacy and an incredible hand-made feel.

  • Double Cabins:¬†Poolside Stone Cabin w/ OceanView #19 & #20

    For families or groups. Book two side-by-side pool cabins, both with incredible ocean views. Hand built limestone cabins with private rain-shower bathrooms and mini-bars.

  • Eco-Pond Stone Cabin w/ Garden View #18

    Enjoy a garden pond oasis right at your doorstep. Incredible privacy and coziness in this tropical haven on our eco-village.